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Coming home was never the plan...

Lexy Cartwright has managed her social anxiety just fine since leaving her small hometown. But when she loses her job and moves back in with her mother, she finds it the same as the day she left. Same places, same gossip, same panic inducing people.


Realizing it might be the only way to get her meddling mother off her case, she agrees to one tiny blind date. After all, how hard could an hour in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon be? Right?


Smart, handsome, Simon Barnes, was the town’s most eligible bachelor, and Lexy’s high school crush. How was she to know he’d secretly had a crush on her too?


Now, Lexy must choose between her secluded and safe lifestyle and navigating the relationship minefields to find the love, friendship, and family that she’s kept locked out for so long,

Long After Dark Ebook (2).jpg

She beat the odds. The odds beat him.

Augustina "Gus" Matheson had spent her life proving that she could hold her own. Hell, she survived a crazed stalker and had the scars to prove it. But with her business on the verge of collapse, she considers giving up until Quin Quincy walks into her life.

Peter "Quin" Quincy had it all—a successful career, influential friends, and a bank account—until his gambling addiction sent him into a tailspin. After his world crashes to rock bottom, he's desperate to make a new life, but can he get past Gus Matheson's steel walls to do it?

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